Portable Bathroom Trailers for Businesses

A business remodel or renovation can boost foot traffic, reignite customer interest, and attract new clients. Employees also appreciate more comfortable and attractive surroundings that make them feel valued and appreciated.

But until the project is complete, customers, clients, and employees feel inconvenienced, especially when the “Pardon Our Dust” sign hangs on the restroom doors. Blue Moon Rental has the luxury mobile restroom solution that not only erases the dread of an “outdoor” toilet, but also keeps customers and employees comfortable until your renovations are complete.

Our portable bathroom trailers for businesses will surprise and delight users with all the amenities of elegant, indoor restrooms. Our trailers feature porcelain toilets that flush, full climate control, sinks with running water, quality vanity countertops, lighted mirrors, and even wall décor.

These portable bathroom trailer rentals are light years beyond the worrisome blue boxes you may see outside other buildings undergoing renovations. Our luxury restroom trailers recreate the indoor environment of an elegant hotel restroom, providing the perfect solution for businesses that need on-site restrooms during renovations or remodeling.

Our portable toilet buildings provide superior sanitation, comfort, and convenience. We even offer optional attendant services to ensure your luxury restroom trailer remains clean, sanitary, and fully stocked with supplies.

In addition to the hotel-level luxury look of our trailer interiors, Blue Moon Rental’s restroom trailers for businesses include stainless steel sinks with running water, soap and paper towels, occupancy light indicators, and lights to illuminate trailer steps, plus handrails for safety and convenience. The quality vanity countertops even have space for you to place vases with fresh flowers as an added touch of elegance.

Whether you need a single portable restroom for one office or multiple trailers for several business locations, Blue Moon Rental has a trailer to fit your needs, from two-station options to eight-station models. Our professionals deliver and install your mobile restroom rental and return to collect it after your remodel is complete.

With our portable bathroom trailer rentals, you can focus on your business during renovations, rather than spend time fielding complaints about restroom facilities from disgruntled employees or dissatisfied customers. Not only will your customers and staff be comfortable, but they’ll also be impressed with the thought and care you have taken to accommodate their needs with superior amenities as you complete a renovation that will better serve them.

Contact Blue Moon Rental today for more information or to book one of our trailers for your business! We look forward to working with you.

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