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Frequently Asked Questions

When will you deliver and pick up our luxury restroom trailer?2019-03-09T09:05:22-07:00

We are flexible and usually deliver the day before and pick up the day after your event. Since most events take place Friday evenings, Saturday or Sunday, we will deliver Thursday or Friday and pick up on Sunday or Monday.

What is the cost of your restrooms?2018-02-25T19:38:50-07:00

The cost will depend on the location of your event. Please give us a call for pricing or fill out the inquiry request and we will get you taken care of.

What if I don’t have electricity and/or water available at my venue?2020-04-04T17:11:14-06:00

No problem, we offer generators and water service at an additional cost. In addition, our restrooms have a fresh water holding tank on board that can be filled on-site by our service techs.  We can provide a site- visit at your venue to recommend the best service possible.

What if I am looking for a single portable toilet?2020-02-22T15:05:44-07:00
Blue Moon Rental partners with Gallegos Sanitation, please visit their website for a list of various portable toilet options.
How do I know which size restroom I will need?2020-04-03T16:55:55-06:00

The size of your guest list, duration of event, and location of your venue are the best indicators for restroom size.

» Two room restroom trailer can accommodate 150 guests for up to 6 hours depending on set up.

» Three room restroom trailer can accommodate 250 guests for up to 6 hours depending on set up.

» Eight station restroom trailer can accommodate 700 guests for up to 6 to 8 hours depending on set up.




Do restroom trailers need access to water and electricity?2020-04-04T17:12:07-06:00

Restroom trailers require (one) dedicated 110 Volt,  20 Amp electrical outlet and (one) connection to an outdoor water spigot during warm weather. If temperatures are extremely cold or below freezing, we will need up to (three) 110 Volt, 20 Amp electrical connections.

Do I need to have extension cords and hoses on hand?2018-01-21T21:12:23-07:00

We take care of everything! We bring an extension cord and hose for each event.